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In the sense of popularity on Facebook, Zynga, a competitor who is an opponent online game company, explained that the most popular platform has brought two of the most popular platform games to Japan and Korea. With this move, Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga will now be localized on Facebook for each region. Company, Mobile

Facebook issued an update with several new features in the iOS mobile application; Most importantly, users were able to seek friends in the application for free. This feature has been previously published for the Messenger application, but now the social network brings him to her main application. Unfortunately 680 million m

Facebook says it finds errors in the Page Insights product that affects its representation and accessing reports for some users. It emphasizes that these problems only affect reporting and not affect publication and affect advertising views. Now, according to the problem of diagnosing the problem, the company said that it will be a correction today and during the weekend. Page Trends, Facebook Page Y

At the end of the last week, David Hornnak and Y Combinator sat on the start of Paul Graham Bloomberg West’s television arm and to discuss the fields of technology. Given the pronouncement of the two men in these areas, the words carry weight and increase the market sensitivity. Bloomberg, watch this section

Facebook published 3.2 version of the SDK for iOS developers and adds deeper application use measurements, better advertising optimization and advanced error management. The new version of the SDK comes with a new version of Facebook’s iOS Giant Center. Error work on new SDK

Australian Designer Fred Nerby, Attractive Facebook Re-Design Project, the online portfolio site last month after sending the Online Portfolio Site to Behance, it was greatly surprised when it has been viral. The project has been monitored almost 300,000 times and many areas in many areas. Arising interest nerb

Facebook announced that less CSS with smaller components (now inline) and asynchronous loading javascript has been published a new Like Box add-on token written by “zero”. The Like Box plugin shown below was quite popular on the web, but the sites are also known to be significantly discussed in slower connections. The prevalence of Facebook and add this

Google is not happy to allow Facebook and Twitter to dominate social networking area. Today, the company announced the Google+ sign-in service that offers the opportunity to integrate Google+ to Google+ mobile and web applications. Google also shares 10 partners in honor of the launch day, Banjo, Fancy, FitBit, OpenTable and Shazam. Some of them are Google’s idea

Facebook and Twitter have a significant pair of new features, including Facebook events and Facebook friends labeling on Facebook, IOS app to show ‘backward’ back on time ‘time. The opponent Memolane was fully shut down on the past week – after what appears to be a gain – but the timehop ​​continues strongly with these changes that make more rich and social in terms of more content.

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