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While driving by car 15 days ago, he was caught on the day. 45grams of mariona and sensitive scales came out of it. They wrote as a seller, but not a seller but a drinker, he bought the scales for the purpose of renting, and he bought it for the purpose of renting it in this way. The court took it to the prison until the day. We are waiting for the court in prison for 15 days. I will be glad if you can help. Thank you in advance.

Hello, they put eroyin into the goods without the driver’s knowledge, they were found as a result of the police’s search.

Good evening, I was caught with a gram of cannabis on me.

4 people were caught in the car, 9 were mariana, that is, cannabis drink.

My wife caught ten pills on her before, and she caught her for the first time while she was technically taken to the jewelery and gave her the first time.

My wife was caught with 4 bullets on her body, she said, but now she has 3 statements on her in prison, but she stated that I have no friendship with people, and she has been an enemy for a long time.

My name is Mr. Hakan, while greeting my friend in 2015, the police arc came and he called us, he got drugs over my friend, he took 2 of us to the police station, my friend has nothing to do with me, this boy did not even go to the court, I did not even go to the court, when I left the police station he had a transaction with another identity. I went back and gave the same statement again, I gave the same statement to me.In addition, I said you did not know that it used a fake identity, I swear I do not know, the notification came to the house I was called as a witness.

Hello, I was taking control because of the crime of smoking and keeping cannabis, the test came out clean and I went to the interview 3 times every month because of my other file, the court asked for the documents from the dsm that court stopped my case and sent the documents back to dsm 2 years passed and dsm told me to come back urgently in Germany I live and come and go hurts my work and family life.I have experienced these difficulties when I come 3 times.I have a new name now, I have no annual leave right in this business, and if I go to tr, I may lose my name and my family. My question is that I have completed individual interviews and I have difficulty in traveling abroad. Can it be removed? Or is there any idea or way you can give me, thank you

Hello, good evening, the father of a close friend is being taken inside for drugs.

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